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    new to folding bikes...

    We are interested in folding bikes, for traveling. Wonder what type would be good to get. Easy assembly, easy to carry, things one needs with them, size of wheel to get, etc. and a decent starter brand. Thanks for your time in helping us out. Sunnrize

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    Bikes with 20" (406 sized) wheels are easiest to get spares for should you find yourself needing a new tyre away from a specialist dealer; Smaller wheels like 17" or 18" give a more bumpy ride as they fall further into potholes/road imperfections than bigger radiused tyres. Beyond that what you get sort of depends on your intended use, budget and wishlist of features. All folding bikes are not the same!

    If you let the good people here know whether they are for commuting, leisure, the occasional trip to the shops or a full days touring, plus whether you need it to fold really small so it can go under your desk/in your boot (trunk), whether you want a light and fast machine or one that's sturdy and equipped with mudguards (fenders) a rack, suspension.

    Once we have a better idea of the things you'd use the bikes for I have no doubt you'll get some very helpful suggestions. Then you can search the forum for other peoples' views/experiences opinions of these bikes and hopefully make an informed choice that's best for you.

    So let us know!

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    the best folding bike is the one you actually gonna use and keep enjoying riding it....

    A unobtanium wonderpiece with 56 gears and all the whistles which sits around in the garage and isnt used is gonna be the worst bike...

    where you from ( the locale might have something to do what brand you can get and get serviced IF you need help.

    whats the budget ?

    there are many many real loyal customers out here with a broad range of knowledge about their own bikes, please feel free and ask all the questions you ever want to know. ANd after the purchase please stick around ....welcome to the fold.

    you gonna find that the little bikes have a special following .....


    p.s. besides loyal customers, you will also find industry help here. Yan from Downtube , Peter from Swift , and more ...ooops forgot myself ( Dahon dealer )
    Dahon : Freedom Unfolds
    Tern : all about the ride

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