Hi all, especially airnimal enthusiasts. I have long lusted after one and finally purchased not 1 but 2
Chameleon X.) Red(hers) & Y.) Black-mine (wanted yellow or titanium but neither in stock)
Shimano 105 -triple crankset(50/39/30), rear sprocket low gear @ 27.
X. straight bars - with front basket adapter + block(nobby?) tires
Y. bull horn handle bars + slick tires
* both basic petals & kickstand(cringing at having one but they are now much lighter than I recall when I was a teen-ager decades ago and more options for parking)

Do not have yet, it will take a week or two for the modifications.

Still need a carry case, lights and would like to get a rear rack for myself.

Rear rack Advice welcome (steel vs aluminum?) To what extent does it interfere with folding options? Sensible way to move my backpacking laptop off my back(if foolish to port on rack will keep lugging on my back).

The Mrs. lucked out, was only going to fit hers with Tiagra but the 105 offered better low gear options. Already dropping a bomb(money-wise) on these and among top requiremens for the Mrs was ease in climbing hills. While could have gone with a 48/36 front crank with the Tiagra but only up to 25 on rear. Probably ok most of the time, plenty for me, but since I will be carrying much of whatever we bring, me having a lower range is a nice plus and I desired the 105 performance for my frequent and harder riding.

I do not have a blog like some others and noticed while the airnimal is mentioned in many threads, believe this is the first with it as a title. So hope to expand the discussion on this clever transport device for those that care.