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    Pacific Reach bike UK

    For the Brits ... this from the Pacific Cycles website in Taiwan, who are OEM manufacturer of several leading folders including the Birdy:

    Their own "Reach" bike ... a full-suspenion 20" folding bike, quickly seperable to a small size ... now has a UK distributor: Airnimal.

    More on Reach:

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    Nice linkage... Thanks!

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    Pacific Response bikes at Interbike 2006

    I saw all three models of the Response bike at Interbike 2006 last week. Very impressive.
    I'm toying with bringing these into our shop. The Trail model with triple chainrings and adding the rack - makes for a very desirable bike.
    They appear to have a high quality of build and "break down" into a reasonably sized form factor.
    Prices haven't been confirm - but the "talk" was that the high end model was ~ $1500 and the low end City model around $1100 and the Trail model somewhere in between.
    As soon as I get one in the shop - there will be a full write up for this "folder" list.
    I love the fact that that diamond frame does NOT fold and that the head tube actually has some length to it.
    Again - having seen these in person - these are great looking and great specs on a high end small wheel wonder.
    ...Bill Milam

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