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Thread: Folding Blur??

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    Folding Blur??

    So I read the review of the Dahon Flo ( awhile back and it got me thinking how cool it would be to just pack my mountain bike up like luggage wherever I go. Anyway, I contemplated this for awhile and decided I would rather have my FS bike just about anywhere I would go, so any of those folding options are not ideal. Anyway, I was on Ritchey's web site ( and I see you can purchase the travel bag seperately. So, my idea is, I could unbolt the top and bottom links of my Blur and fold it up just like the break-aways, and throw it in one of those bags and take it with me free of charge. I know that it isn't necessarily easy to remove the Blur swingarm, but we are talking about potentially $160 per trip here. Any thoughts on whether or not this would work? Would a mountain bike fit in one of those bags? Are there any hard shell options? Thanks in advance!

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    you will run into several small problems, but nothing what a good toolset with torque wrenches et all couldnt fix. A couple hours take apart time and assembly time need to be planned into the equasion though.

    but not impossible
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