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    Luggage question

    I have looked at the both the Samsonite Oyster and F'lite.

    I really like the wheels on the F'lite, and dislike how the wheels are on the Oyster. Think stability with the rolling wheels.

    (I dream about the ability to hook the handle to the back of the bike and pull the bike suitcase with seconday suitcase inside.)

    I would like to find a hard or semi-hard sided suitcase that had the wider and harder to tip over wheels of the F'lite in a legal size suitcase. Legal size being defined by looking up the rules on three different airlines, as 62" Linear inches.

    For those that don't know, legal size obtained by measuring height + plus width + plus depth.

    For instance the F'lite is 31+21+12 which equals 64

    Airlines referenced were UNITED, DELTA AND SOUTHWEST.

    As stated, the F'lite measures in at 64" and the Oyster is also over and measures 62.25".

    I know many people have gone through multiple flights without getting charged.

    I would rather have the peace of mind and not worry about it and also not be at the mercy of some check in clerk having a bad day! Not to mention, I believe in following the rules.

    So the question is: What out there has the hard sides, 62 linear inches, has the broad spaced wheels such as the F'light, and is not junk? Thanks
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