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Folding Bikes Discuss the unique features and issues of folding bikes. Also a great place to learn what folding bike will work best for your needs.

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Bad experience with Electric Cyclery/ Good experience with

I don't usually like to give bad reviews but i have to make an exception with this one.

I visited electric cyclery's (also know as and showrom in laguana beach, ca today to test ride the bionx system on a folding bike as i am in the market for a electric folding bicycle and came in to compare the bionx kit versus the cylone kit. It was a bad experience in which i would like to warn other potential folding bike/electric customers to look elsewhere if you would like service in which someone would be happy to answer your questions in picking out a bike rather that exhibit agitation and arrogance.

His maner was quite arrogant and in the end retracted his offer for test ride in which is in my opinion no way to treat a potential customer.

it was my second time there and i thought the owner would welcome a potential customer. i inquired if he carried a electric style motor like what offered. I also inquired if he can get a panasonic folding bike offered in japan. He seemed irritated that i mentioned the competition. I was just trying to let him know if knew these other options and if he can special order them for me. but he took it as if 'I knew it all' and he was tired of people like me coming in to his shop.. He even pointed to the folding montague folding bike with the bionx system and said "you would be a fool if you did not get this bike" because i whole bunch of phd's worked on the bionx system and he never had any customer returns.

Perhaps i should have not mentioned his competition as he seemed frustrated that i knew there was other options available. he was hesitant to let me test ride a bike because he said they're for sale and did not want me to dirty them or something of that sort.

he even checked my hands and asked if they were dirty before letting me handle the white bionx battery.

. at the time i did not mind but in hindsight, i thought how offensive that was and revealed how uptight he was.

i myself made a remark that can be taken as offensive. i replied to his comment how he was tired of people coming in to his shop and just test ride without any intention to ride. i then said maybe he should get out of the business of retail. that was when he did not let me do a test ride. i asked if he was serious and he said yes, and so i walked out of his shop saying that was the last time you will hear from me.

this was probably why he did not want to let me test ride but i think his attitude at the time is no way to treat a customer. perhaps if reads this, i hope he reconsiders his style of service. i may have come as a 'know it all' by letting him know of other electric systems out there but i figured as fellow bicyclists, he would share my enthusiasm for other type of electric systems. if fairness he did offer to suggest a couple of dahon models in which i could put a bionx system and suggested to go to a store that just sells batteries only if you wanted to get fresh batteries. But for a bicycle shop to refuse a test ride is a good way to get sales to go down.

So i would suggest other folding electric venders over the internet that may be a little more courteous such as: - based in vancouver, canada that offers a good range of folders and electric bikes. - based in southern california offering a good alternative to the bionx. The owner is friendly and very helpful. He even brought the bike to my workplace so i can test ride them. That is top notch service in my book.
the cyclone can be put on a folding bike. the great advantage is it can be really fast. the disadvantage is the bicycle can look cluttered with all the cables. - new york based company. Don't know the level of service but seems to offer a wider range of folding bikes. - direct experience with the binx kit on a folder from dennis lau. he eventually preffered a motor kit than the bionx kit. Not in any way saying the cyclone kit is better than the bionx. just an alternative. - my ideal electric folding commuter bike. i would buy this if it was offered in the united states. too bad the dahon roo el was discontinued.

Sorry for the long post but i just wanted to share my experience.

anyone else in the market for a folding electric bike can offer a some alternatives to the bionx?
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I have had quite a different experience with the owner over at even though mine was over the phone. I was asking about the montaque bikes and I liked that he didn't try to sell me more than I needed. I told him I was looking for a commuter bike and was willing to pay the extra bucks for better parts. He said I didn't need to spend the extra money for what my needs were. I always appreciate it when the person cares more about me and my needs than his own profit. I have since spoken to him on other occasions with more questions and he has been very caring and sincere and genuine and knowledgeable.

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I have been to the shop in Laguna Beach and was treated very warmly. I was offered, and took the offer, to ride several different models of folding bikes. Had a great time and satisfied all of my desires to experience different models of folders. Never pushed in any one directions or pushed to purchase a particular bike or brand.
I would recommend this shop if you are shopping for a folder or electric bike.
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pismocycleguy: I am looking for an electric bike and I do trust the owner of this shop. what kind(s) of electric bike(s) do you have. it's hard to buy something without riding it in advance because in Cleveland, there is nothing of quality to choose from. so hearing people's experiences with different electric bikes becomes paramount. I've been "eyeing" the montaque conversion dx but have also heard some people say good things about the evee quando II. But I'm not crazy about having a 1 speed bike. I actually like the optibike and could even bring myself to buy one with it's long term 30,000 miles/3 year guarantee on the battery but I wouldn't want to wait for delivery until August.

so what you do have and what are your experiences with it, if you don't mind me asking?

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Tonago if yu got such good service from the Cyclone guy why don't you close a deal with him?
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