Hi Chaps & Chappesses!

The Folding Bike Soc. & CTC are asking all UK cyclists to write to there MPs about funding decisions that will effect rail travel and the integration of bicycles with rail travel over the next 30 years!


There's a link to a page where you put in your postcode & all your representatives are listed, with further forms to send them a letter each, go on, make a difference!

As an idea, here's what I wrote to every Welsh MP, MEP & Lord :-

The Government intends to announce the results of a study into the funding of integrated rail transport for the next 30 years sometime in July.
I beg you to take an active interest in this vital issue. I am particularly keen to get improvements to cycling lanes, access for cycles on trains and safe parking for cycles at stations.
Increases in taxes for motor vehicle use would be a lot more palatable if tangible improvements could be seen to have been made using those funds.
I have always encouraged my three children to cycle everywhere with me and as a result they are fit active and not at all the average 'couch potato' kids.
But to get children to Cardiff Station there is no safe (& legal) way to negotiate the multi-laned junctions in the city centre on bikes.
Please help us with these issues, please ensure that there is adequate provision for cyclists in future rail strategies.

Hope you can help

I've already had 2 positive responses!

Safe riding, (& train travel!)