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    Close Out Piccolo at Defender

    I just found this on close out at I'm not sure if this is a fabulous price but it seems reasonable. It says they have two left at $300|619045|619412&id=176049

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    Piccolo 3 Speed Folding Bike
    20" wheels, 3 speed

    Item #: 951476
    Model #: YC632
    Shipping Weight: 35.00 Lbs.
    Clearance: $300.00
    Status: In Stock

    Models ship ups. 16" Tire. Folds with the wheels onto 11" x 20" x 30".suggested rider height: 4'8" - 6'3", max rider weight: 230 lbs. Frame: high tensile steel, tig welded, patented rebar technology.

    I reproduced the ad for discussion purposes. Some of the features on the ads listed are inaccurate. Like the wheels being 20 inches in diameter. They are 16 inch. The color is more of a blue grey rather than silver. The steel frame is a cro-mo one, not high tensile steel. 300 dollars is a nice price since I bought mine at 400 dollars just last November. But I also purchased the bike at a reputable Dahon Stocking Dealer that knows this brand thoroughly. I did experienced some problems with it at first, but this shop addressed them immediately. And the shop threw in free tune up after the first 30 days of ownership along with 2 manuels (North American and European versions) covering the bike. And I have the satisfaction of knowing I am supporting great bike shops to stay open in my area.

    I recommend that you consider these things before you buy. And be sure to take in consideration the additional shipping/handling cost to the price as well. But I doubt that you will be able to find the Piccolo at any price since the model has been discontinued. If you absolutely love steel frames, go for it!

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