Any advice welcome here. I am looking for a folding bike as a second bike, to use mainly in London as my trusty Cannondale is a bit too large for my new flat and too hard to get in and out of my car now that I'm a granny and the car is full of babyseats and clobber. However, I wonder if I shall survive without my usually bulging Ortlieb panniers and a large bar bag! I like to do a lot of shopping by bike so which bike would be the best bet for carrying luggage and panniers and bags? I am considering the Dahon range and Ridgeback. I'm not so keen on the 16 inch wheeled bikes like the Mezzo and Brompton and the Birdy is more than I'd planned to spend. I would welcome ideas from other shoppers and those who tend to ride around with loads of clobber eg change of clothes, picnic lunch etc. Young men in Bike shops tend to be a bit vague as to what can be fitted onto the racks and handlebars of the folders. I could probably be persuaded to splash out more cash if someone really recommended it! I've just seen the wonderful pictures on the Forum of a trip to Cambodia on a Birdy which makes it a bit of a temptation!
Bye from June