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    Carrying luggage on the Dahon Mu SL

    I have a Mu SL, bought because of its (very) light weight, and it's a nice piece of work. One thing I'm not sure of: I'd like to use it for shopping, but am not sure about how best to add a luggage-carrying facility: one thing the bike lacks is the ability to clip on a bag like the Brompton S-bag goes on the front.

    Should I add a rear rack - and, if so, how heavy is the Arclite that Dahon do? How best to add carrying capacity (panniers?)

    Any advice would be most welcome.
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    Get the Arclite rack

    Hey There,
    I just got an Arclite rack for my new MuP8 and it is VERY light. I was really torn between the P8 and SL so I share your SL spirit (decided on P8 cause I want to do more 'rugged' riding an the way the P8 folds makes more sense to me) and I think the Arclite would look great on the SL and... carry your stuff, too Send us a picture!

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