OK, I don't know how many of you all followed the thread a while back that I started about converting a folding upright bike to a recumbent folding bike. I laid out how I proposed doing this with relatively inexpensive hardware and some machining of parts. The thought was to have something like the recumbent kit that came out for the brompton a while back. Well, apparently there are other people who have had this idea. Birdy owners can now order a recumbent kit for their folder that is specifically meant for their bikes.

Here is the company home page


The currency converter said that the price they have posted is $684.33 American. This may be a good option for some birdy owners that are seeking more speed and more options from their birdy. Note that this is a bolt on kit that allows you to switch from upright to bent configuration at will.

I wonder if this kit can be used on the downtube full suspnsion bikes as they have a fairly similar layout except for the front fork. Any ideas?