From: schlumpf innovations <info>
Date: 2007/10/15 Mon PM 02:21:57 HKT
To: Amuro Lee <amurolee>
Subject: Re: Can speed-drive be installed on Strida?

Dear Amuro,

thanks for your inquiry.
We are just discussing this issue with the Strida maker, as there is a lot of interest in this matter.
Please contact us later this year again. Thanks.

Best regards

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On 15.10.2007 0:14 Uhr, "Amuro Lee" <amurolee> wrote:

>Strida 5.0 "Sport" is a single speed folding bicycle that some owners want to install
> speed-drive on it to make it run faster.
> Can speed-drive be installed on belt-driven bicycle like Strida? If not, would
> you plan to make a special version of speed-drive for Strida series?