Ok, so I ordered a Kent folding bike over two weeks ago to replace the one that got lost/stolen on the bike rack. The last time I bought from the seller, it only took 4 days to get my bike, so I thought I'd get by just using a scooter and ignoring the ouchies while waiting for my bike. (I'm inept at handling all rolling board-type conveyances, lol).

One week later, still no bike. I wait patiently--maybe the seller just shipped it out late, took a or something.

Two weeks later, I'm VERY impatient, so I borrow my brother's Xmart bike to take to the video store, only to have the brakes fail on a hill near an intersection, causing me an accident that leaves me looking like a battered girlfriend. AAAAAAAARRRRGH!!

Lo and behold, now, over two weeks later, package has not arrived at all, and it says that Fed Ex damaged it in transit and will be returning it to the seller, who will check it and repair if the damage is not bad, and refund my money if it is. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGH!!!

Great. Now I need to wait for the reship of the bike, or get the refund and find another folder to take around. *sigh* In the meantime, I'm bidding on a second-hand Dahon Piccolo from San Diego, which I hope won't cost more than what I paid for the Kent.

The bank account will be almost empty after these endeavors. I guess that's bye bye to the China tour w/ my choir. *deep sigh*