Unfortunately Greyhound yesterday changed their baggage rules. Now you get 1 carryon and one checked bag, limit of 50lbs abd 62" girth. They will let you pay $3.00 for a second bag. So it is really a fare increase. After emailing and sveral phone calls to different departments i COULDN'T FIND OUT IF A FOLDING BIKE IN A CARRY BAG WAS ALLOWABLE OR IF IT HAD TO BE IN A BIKE BOX WITH A PRETTY HEFTY ADDITIONAL CHARGE PLUS THE $10 FOR THE BOX. Sorry about he caps! If anyone can find out please post. I am planning a bus trip and after hours on hold and no definitive answer I got really frustrated! I got my folder just for long bus trips and now it seems like as much hassle as airlines. Before a folder in a bag plus another suitcase was fine and 2 carryons.