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    Another Suitcase Packing Idea

    I have been experimenting all week with getting my downtube NS into a 29" suitcase. It is a soft suitcase with a little give in the height (narrowest dimension). I finally achieved what I wanted-leaving on the rear rack and fender. I put in the rear frame part, then the the front frame with fork turned 90 degrees and hinge bolt removed and slid between the stays. I left the dérailleur on. Then put in the wheels and stem, handlebars etc. It all fits. I am pretty irritated though that Downtube folded measurements are way off on the middle dimension . The 33" seems about right but the 23.6" is not even close, if I knew that measurement is actually 25 or 26." I probably would have bought another bike. Based on the web measurements I had figured out it would fit in suitcase with just wheels removed. Instead it is a rather big job. The other issue is I would feel much more comfortable with airline travel if I took the 2- 20" wheels as carry on as they seem the most vulnerable to getting bent. Has anyone done this? I wonder if the airlines would say they were somehow dangerous? They would slightly exceed the carry on dimension rule but aren't bigger than tons of stuff I see people carry on.Also is there anyway to get some truth into the stated measurements of folders? Lots of thoughts here, anxious for my first tour with the Downtube. I am also wondering if anyone has sawed off the big u on the bottom to save 1 1/2' in folded size and some weight? Also my hinge bolt is so hard to remove I have to hammer it out, even after greasing it and steel wooling it. Thanks, hurry spring!

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