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Old 01-17-08, 11:48 AM   #1
Simple Simon
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Cycling in UK ..Video: Battle for Britains Roads

Video: Battle for Britains Roads ...

This is a 60min TV program about the conflicts between UK's 28m cars Vs 23m bikes & 55m pedestrians .... enjoyable, frustrating and sobering stuff for all (even Jur ). .. I'm sure i saw Little Pixel, or at least his bike , and several Brommies. But it shows how relatively few bikes in London are Folders. Its a Google video but posted on Steetsblog.

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Great video - thanks! Anyone know how to embed a google video on a blog? I'd like to add this to my blog.
safe riding - Vik
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Thanks - that is a great link. I watched a bit before work, will check the rest tonight. Interesting, the one bloke calling the suggestion to walk or cycle his kids 2mi to school "bonkers". Huh, driving in that chaos is even more bonkers.
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Informative vid, a lot of anger. :/ How true that road rage isn't just for those behind the wheel.

We can all probably afford to slow our lives down a bit...
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Raleigh20 PugFixie, Merc
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Thanks for posting that - an enjoyable watch, and not just for the nakie riders!
A good example of british tabloid TV for those not from here; All the facts are there but you can't help but feel at the end that it's all been put in the blender just a little to make everything seem a little more extreme than it is.

I watched like a hawk to see if they'd caught me flying past in any shots - but sadly they missed me, even though I have indeed been on one or two Critical Mass rides, and can be caught running the odd red, though never pedestrian crossings, as well as scowling at SUVs whenever I can.

The thing that gets me about Critical Mass - and one reason I'm a bit torn when I go - is the way it's cutting off it's nose to spite it's face. Yes it's a celebration, but in the end as a celebration of freedom shutting down the clogged arteries of a medieval city is a pretty hard to understand way of showing just how much better the roads would be if more people used bikes.

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Just finished watching the rest. Very compelling. And the biggest noticible thing is, everybody is selfish as hell and not prepared to give an inch. That's where the trouble starts.

The other thing is, I'm not sure if I'm ignorant or it has been exaggerated, but in general road users flaunt the rules for their own benefit. Like the red light runners. Some cyclists here tend to do the same, but I'm "religious" in obeying, but also quite attuned to idea that we're a community on the road, so let's behave like one. It's made a huge difference, to myself at least. I have found my whole demeanor while driving has also completely changed as a result.
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New usename ThorUSA
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I stop for red lights as a pedestrian or bike rider ( oviuosly in a car as well ) reason is simple....

One can watch literally hundreds of people start walking on Intersections despite the red light, when they think there is nobody coming ....

I never know if there is a child watching me breaking the law .. and now the 4 year old thinks its quite ok to run over the street when the light is red ... and gets killed ...

We are not alone and we need to give a good example for the kids out there.. ( even if their own parents dont )

Dahon : Freedom Unfolds
Tern : all about the ride
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thanks for the link!
I did "enjoy" this documentary. Makes me think, makes me wondering, maybe even changes my behavior on my Brompton.

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Please spare me from people who either feel "entitled" or "self-righteously indignant".

When I first heard about Critical Mass I was interested -- until I discovered that there was deliberate obstruction as part of the ride. Yes, we need more cyclists ... behaving responsibly. I'd like to see a concerted, continual education and PR effort to remind drivers about sharing the road, and to remind cyclists that if they ride on the road, they must act like a vehicle.

Public transit can also play a role in reducing the number of automobiles, which could in turn make it easier for more people to consider commuting by bicycle. Unfortunately, public transit here is underfunded, hence overcrowded and therefore ruled out by many.

Though it will never happen, I'd love to see a city bylaw prohibiting all elected officials and public service employees from using automobiles within the city limits (that would include both municipal and provincial in this city). I wonder how long it would take for public transit to improve, and for telecommuting and alternative means of transport (e.g. cycling) to be promoted?
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On group rides here in my town, if a rider runs a red light they are usually verbally chastised by the group when it re-forms because the image of cycling must be seen to be responsible as our community leaders are calling our city, the "Cycling Centre" of our state. I have even heard of the police threatening to revoke permission to have club racing on public roads if cyclists ride like idiots during those races. I too, always try to obey the road laws as I have in the past taught bike education at a local primary school and I don't want any of the children seeing me set a bad example. However, recently early one morning while heading out to a bunch ride, I ran a red light...nobody was around except a loony pedestrian who tore strips off me for doing it.....the one time I do it I get caught....

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I'll admit I don't always stop at stop signs when I'm off the main roads and there's no traffic. I'll slow down to check for cars and pedestrians and keep rolling like it's a yield.
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