I was in Urbane Cycles in Toronto Canada Saturday and spoke with Chris, one of their helpful staff, who pointed out they are selling Hyper-folding Tikits for $999CDN to get under the local sales tax exemption for bikes under $1000. The spec is slightly changed to lower the cost - I don't recall all the changes, but they seemed like a reasonable trade off. The tires were not Marathons - I think they were Primo Comets.

Anyway I just thought I'd post this in case anyone in the area was interested in a Tikit.

BTW - I tried out an older style Tikit without the upgraded stem hinge. I finally understand what all the hubbub about flexing was about. The new hinge system is 100% better. Personally I wouldn't buy a Tikit with the old system unless the LBS did the upgrade as a condition of purchase.