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    First Ride on Dahon Vis. D7

    Got the D7 yesterday, and it didn't take long to set it up. I spent most of the day wiping it down and looking at it. But today, I took it for a 12 mile run on the bike path to Aliso Wood Canyon here in South Orange County California. I was very pleased with the ride---it handles very well---the speed and gearing are fine---I do hear a clicking noise in the rear somewhere, something I don't get with my Specialized bikes. It's somewhat less powerful on the hills, but better than I thought it would be. However, since I make this ride 2 to 3 times each week, I must say that I'm about twice a tired as usual---I'm sure I got a greater workout. I have made a couple of add-ons: I replaced the original seat with a larger, spring loaded seat---much better, and I put a new handlebar bag on it, which becomes a butt pack, and put a new 20X1.5 tube in with some patches and a cable lock. At some time in the future, I'd like to make some changes----different tires, maybe upgrade the wheels and derailer-----I'd like to hear about some modifications that improved your ride. Thanks------Ev

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    Ah, the good old D7.

    Just a few mods on mine...Marathon tires, Crane Creek Bar ends, and a new saddle (cause I wore out the first one!). I don't consider lights and baggage "mods", they're necessities!

    I had to loose those neat folding pedals, and now just trade pedals between my folder and MTB, so I can use my clipless shoes.

    I typically use my D7 for my daily commute, but I have taken it on a several 25 and a couple 50 milers. It's a great little bike for my purposes.
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