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    Impromptu Folding Bike Convention

    In late January my wife took delivery of a Bike Friday Pocket Rocket. I haven't posted about it because she's so strung out about getting any dirt specs on the power raspberry paint job that she hasn't taken it on the road until today.

    Before the ride I snapped a picture of her Pocket Rocket and my Tikit. You can see from the picture that she's still got the temporary stem mounted. She needs to do a lot of riding before she'll be comfortable sending it in for the final version.

    Something I hadn't noticed until I looked at this picture is that the wheelbase of the Tikit is somewhat longer than her Pocket Rocket. That's not a little PR. She's 5'11.5" and takes the same size Tikit as I do.

    We headed out to a big parking lot at a local hospital. We wanted to get some laps around the lot to make initial adjustments to the bike. While we were fooling around in the lot, up rides a guy on a small wheeled bike. It was Steve (my wife insists his name was Jim) from Cambridge England and he was riding a Pashley-Moulton. He'd seen us riding around the lot on our folders and came over to say hello. I took the opportunity to document this Impromtu Folding Bike Convention.


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    FYI, the smaller the wheels the longer the wheelbase required to have the same general feel. E.g. the wheelbase on my Swift is about the same as on my cross bike, but to say the Swift is more responsive is a massive understatement.

    I don't know the precise calculations, I'm sure someone has done it though....

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