I'm looking for all-purpose bike <$700 USD. Given the limits of my apartment space and car trunk space, I've decided to get a full sized (26" wheel) folding bike to most closely approximate the functionality, speed, and stability of a normal mountain bike/commuter. I've looked for reviews but I just don't see many reviews of the Montagues or Bazooka and almost no comparative reviews.

>>>A few questions to the wise people of this forum: (Thanks in advance for any input!)

1. Are full sized folding bike less popular among folders because they are less portable (size/weight) ? Seems like they would have better stability and a nicer ride.

2. Is the removal of the front wheel as a part of the Montague's standard folding procedure going to be a problem when storing or carrying the bike?

3. Any comments comparing the integrity (safety) vs folding speed of the latch joints (Dahon DoubleLok) vs Hex-key (Dahon LockJaw) vs the quick release (Montague FIT)?

4. How big a difference is a 37"-101" gear inch range vs 23"-113" inch range? How much more slope and how much more speed is that for a 26"?

5. How would you rank the options below? (price is a factor)
>Cheaper options ~$450: linear pull brakes, no suspension, cheaper components
A. Dahon Jack - like the tires, cheaper components, small gear range (7-speeds)
B. Montague DX
>Nicer options ~$750: disc brakes, suspension with lock out, nicer components (SRAM x7, Shimano Deore)
C. Dahon Matrix
D. Montague Paratrooper.
>Other options:
E. Bazooka Dakar
F. Bazooka Navigator