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Folding Bikes Discuss the unique features and issues of folding bikes. Also a great place to learn what folding bike will work best for your needs.

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Old 07-14-08, 12:21 PM   #1
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New to folding bikes, help with a Dahon Boardwalk for a 'bigger' guy

Hi all -
I'm glad to have found these forums, and I had a question that I would hope could be answered fully here.

Note the title under my name: I am a NEWBIE.
Also note that this bike has been PURCHASED, so I am asking a question that I hope doesn't get an answer that tells me it was a bad choice, or any variation on "OMG that suxx".

That all being said, I purchased a Dahon Boardwalk S1 from 'Camping World' here in Ohio. Right price for me, since I'm new to using this for simple 'get to the train and then to work on flat streets' type of commuting with it. Specs given are as such:

Model HTO11C
Color..... Red
Gears..... Single Speed
Brakes.....Coaster Break
Spokes..... Stainless Steel
Rims....... 20" Aluminum
Tires.....20"x1.50, 65psi"
Weight.....28 lbs.
Folded Size.....11"x22"x32"

I went with the Dahon based on a friend who lived in Europe for a while saying it was a good 'urban starter' bike.

He, like myself, are near the upper weight limit of the bike (I read elsewhere it's rated for 230lbs max).

He mentioned that he had to replace the back wheel/tire. He said before he did so he suffered too many flats.
He's out of contact now so I would like to find out what to do, and exactly what to 'get' at the bike shop, as the schema for bike tire sizes, etc. is not something I'm versed in.

I need help with this, and also to find out if that's all it'll take to get this rolling safely.

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I built one up I like the boardwalk., I would get tires with kevlar and especially for the weight, I am 200# I would get better grips like an ergo hand grip. tire size is 1.50x20. fractions stay with fractions and decimal points stay with decimal points. You cant put a 20x1 1/8 tire on a wheel that has a 1.50x20 tire. good luck and have fun. check out for fun accessories and tires.
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Maybe fit a Schwalbe Big Apple tyre on the rear especially and keep it near the max pressure. It's a tall 'suspension' type tyre that will absorb some of the road shock, and also has Kevlar puncture 'protection.'
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Old 07-14-08, 06:59 PM   #4
folder fanatic
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For a person who is at the upper range of the bike's carrying capacity, I recommend to either build up the wheel with stronger spokes or consider completely replace the rim with a tougher wheel (perhaps a BMX type wheel if it fits?). The tires should be fine providing you keep them fully inflated at all times. And don't overload the bike with alot of luggage.
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Foldable Two
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I'm like 205-207 lbs dressed and with my size 13 or 14 shoes on - you have to ride dressed here in the USA (joke).

I have Tioga Comp Pool 1.75" tires - the stock fenders still fit with 1.75" tires (slicks) - might not with 2.0" tires. Also your rims might have a tire size limit.

My Thud-Buster seat post adds to the comfort. (We also have them on our Bike Fridays.)

I know some may be tired of seeing this bike, but here is a picture of my S1 as it looks today.
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eight spokes
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Hi LightsOutLuther,
congrats to your bike! And Foldable two: Nah, its not boring, its always nice to look at such a clean simple bike.

A Thudbuster is really a good idea, not only for its adding comfort but also to protect the bike as it softens the bumps/the impact also for the material. So will "other suspension" like big apple tires.

Which are the rims? Maybe to get stronger ones is a good idea too. Velocity build some interesting and strong 20" rims. Be sure that the size ETRO is correct as 20" is not always 20".

Look for strong spokes and also the shape of the nipples can make a difference. A good choice imho wood be sapim polyax as they have a rounded head which means less stress on the spokes, especially in small wheels.

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Bikes: Dahon Boardwalk
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Thank you all for the 'welcomes' and the great information. I will check with the local bike shop by me for the 'enhancements' that you all suggested and let you know how things go from there!

Thanks again!
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problem with the big apple is that you need to get rid of the fenders, otherwise this would be the perfect upgrade ...... thudbuster is great ( albeit expensive ) , better grips are good choice too...


spokes..... well..... to use stronger spokes is an option. ( I sell those )
BUT the spokes used are very much ok until they get loose ( and than even the best spokes will break ) In other words keep the spokes tensioned and the wheel straight BEFORE you break the spokes ........

Dahon : Freedom Unfolds
Tern : all about the ride
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