Hi, we got our 2007 Mu P8 and so far we love it.... the only problem i have experienced is with the Zorin seatpost, one seatpost was screwed and the pump was stuck and didn't want to get out, i have tried to fix it and finally after pulling out the pump the seat post didn't want to go back to the seat tube (it was kind of hard to begin with before i even started dealing with the pump...) after having some seat post to seat tube wrestling it seems the seat post doesn't go in smoothly and when it does go it gets all kind of nasty scratches and ugly marks , it seems like the seat tube is too narrow, when looking inside the seat tube it doesn't really look smooth and it had all kind of threads inside (maybe i caused the damage.....) i have tried to give it light sanding and it helped a little but still doesn't go smooth enough... have you experienced any similar issue ?