I recently bought a used folding bike that I thought was an old dahon.
but it seems it is megatop brand (dahon clones??)
something that is bothering me is: the bottom bracket is so high, higher than the roadbike and hybrid bike I ride.
so, when the pedalling-efficient seat height is set, my feet can't reach the ground. I have to get my butt off the saddle, when stopped at traffic (folding bikes are used to commute, right??) this is annoying.
I don' really know of the common height of bottom brackets on todays modern folding bikes, but I was thinking:
doesn't dahon want to collaborate with electra, to develop and produce a folding bike that has the flat foot technology (alias crank forward technology as in rans bikes?)
dahon and electra please respond.....

tedi k wardhana
- commute, not race -
- transport, not sport -