I rode the full length of the Wirral Way this morning after calling into work. It is the route of the old Hooton to West Kirby railway line and is 12 miles long. Plenty to see, Dee estuary, old railway stations, wildlife and people with dogs, horse riders and other cyclists. It is fairly flat as might be expected and the surface is a mixture of crushed limestone, sand, soil (mud) with a few sections of tarmac.

I took my Dahon MU SL fitted with its standard Kojak slicks.... hardly what you would call suitable for such trails, but to be honest I was very impressed with the way the bike coped with the various surfaces. Bike felt much quicker than the last time I rode this route on my old folder.

I obviously could not travel at the same speed as I usually do on the road, but 16 miles in 1 hour 20 isnít too bad. All in all the bike preformed very well and I wasnít at all tired.