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    Xootr Front/Rear Rack Comments

    Hi everyone. I've only recently been reading the forums and have found a wealth of helpful information. Thanks so much for that! Been riding my Xootr more or less daily for about a month (maybe 10-20 miles p/d) and am in Love.

    Anyway, I wanted to open up a front/rear rack thread specifically for the Xootr Swift, as that is my primary bike and I've been wanting to load it up (slightly, nothing too too major) and wanted to hear from anyone who has had success with racks for this bike. Reading through the " Commuter Xootr computer tutor" thread I picked up a bit about the Crossrack/Bug combo and that is where I thought of starting. I've also read a bit about the Nashbar front mini (which is currently out of stock I believe), but I was wondering if anyone else had some other options.

    My interest is in being able to pack the bike for some over night camping and maybe some light touring. Minus any racks, my Xootr is currently set up mostly stock but with shortened (1 1/2" off each side) handlebars with bar ends, folding Stelvios 20 x 1/18", a B17, and…I think that's it. (I'm in the process of working out that 8th gear rubs the seat stay issue with Xootr and B-fold).

    Any ideas for racks etc.?
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