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    Question about wheel building for a Strida

    I have a Strida 3 with the metal wheel upgrade. I find that the standard gearing is a bit low, so i would like to increase it a bit. I have read that 18" wheels will fit on a Strida (without fenders). This is about a 10% increase in circumference which would be great.

    The Strida hubs have 24 spoke holes, but they are not equally spaced around the hub: they are in groups of two. Likewise, the rims do not have equally spaced holes. If I were to build new wheels, would it be better to lace to a 24-hole rim (resulting in a more severe angle between spoke and rim) or to use a 36-hole rim and skip some holes (resulting in a wheel with spoke angles more like the original)?

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    My opinion is that it would make little or no difference. Were I doing this, I would make the decision based on availability and price of the hubs. In my own case, since I found a 36 hole 18" wheel in the trash a few months ago, I would go with Plan B.

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