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wangta01 08-09-13 01:05 PM

Does anybody have any experience with the Dahon Suitcases?

Alec E 12-26-13 09:55 AM

I've been ignoring this incredibly useful thread for ages because I thought it was about bags for a specific model of folding bike called the "Foldaway."

Maybe a mod should nix the capitol F.

CameraMan 04-12-14 02:54 PM

A Brompton fits into a TNL XL Base Camp Duffel :-)

The fit is snug for width - but the bike fits with the standard fold i.e. without removing anything.
The bag has compression straps on the sides and I used the backpack straps to pull together end ends; it really does conform to the minimum size of the folded bike.
I think I have succeeded in finding my 'no one would guess it's a bike' bag :)

fietsbob 04-12-14 03:20 PM

Ah Shoulder straps , that makes it worth hauling.. except strapping the length makes them hard to use.. it seems ..

1dingdong 07-16-14 03:35 PM

I traveled with my wife to France recently with my Bike Friday folders. I boxed them up in the US with boxes of no more than 62 linear inches. ( airline requirements) The boxes took a while to design. I used rolled up cardboard tubes to prevent the bikes from getting crushed and heavy duty parachute cord and duck tape to secure everything. The cord gives you a handle. This concept works great, you can reuse them, they are lighter than a suitcase so you can ship more stuff inside the boxes, you can ditch the boxes like we did when you arrive, you dont have to tow the suitcase around on your bikes, its easy to find cardboard to build return flight boxes. They are not too easy to carry and are susceptible to rain, our boxes survived a terrible storm in New Jersey and then in France, we couldn't have used them again. Maybe wax them? Good luck.

sdwphoto 07-17-14 06:26 PM

I have three Ikea Dimpa bags total cost $12 plus tax.My Brompton fits into them perfectly,it has carry straps to carry by hand or on your shoulder.The bag is stronger than it looks and carries the bike without a problem.I don't doubt the Dimpa could be modified to work as a back pack if someone is looking for a budget bag.Attaching extra straps to it should not be that much of a problem and the material is really strong.

1nterceptor 06-23-15 09:04 AM

It was suggested that I add my review here. It's been a long time since I've seen a post here that I forgot about this stickie.
First a bit of background. I had my 2013 Brompton S6L-X for 2 years now. I've used the Brompton cover a few times in
places that I felt carrying a folding bike in may get me turned away; museums, restaurants, hotels, etc. When I travel on a
plane; I use cardboard boxes. So that's why I've decided to try the S and S travel Backpack; plus I used my store credit to buy

Paid US$250; came in a few days after shop(Piermont Bikes, NY) ordered it. Pretty comfortable with my 10 kg. bike inside.
Unpadded; comes with some plastic shields(4 pieces) that go around the perimeter(top, bottom, left & right sides). Backside and front side, no protection.
There are pockets on both front and back where one could put clothes in and this would act as some sort of protection/padding:

Roegmann 08-13-15 07:35 AM

Try a hunter's backpack (especially a bowhunting one), like the Exo-Mountain Gear (my brother-in-law uses this one). It has a compressible space for the bike and a limited backpack. There are many others in varying sizes by several makers, but this should do the trick for hauling, collapsing (but NOT fold away). None of them are cheap, but they will last a lifetime.

If you just want a carrier, you can get what they call a meat hauler, which is just a frame with straps. Of course it does not collapse, but you can get varying sizes (some quite small and some fold down). Kuiu makes a very light frame with straps, so it takes almost no space.

1nterceptor 07-11-16 05:28 PM

Just an update on my last post here; #57: Speed Uno in S & S Backpack by 1nterceptor, on Flickr

Bike is stock except for added brake and stock front tire swapped for Schwalbe Durano Mango, 20x1.10. A bit skinnier than the stock tire. I had to remove the seatpost for a better fit. FOLDED SIZE 30 X 77 X 64 Cm (11.7" X 30" X 25")

Bag's dimensions 26"X26"X10'. Full review of the bag here:

Rick Imby 09-09-16 09:03 AM

In many towns there are custom bag makers that work cheap. I know two in my town without even having to ask around. One of them is very invention oriented.

Many of the company stock bags I have had for other items work great at the factory but trying to get your tent or whatever back into the bag after the first use is impossible. Slack needs to built into them.

fietsbob 10-09-16 11:47 AM

Upcoming in the bag market is made for the soon to be produced Bike Friday Pack-it to go inside..

Lucillle 11-15-16 07:34 PM

I am getting a Dahon bag for the Dahon bike that should be here by the end of the week, but also a folding dolly so I can wheel the bag down a sidewalk or similar. The dolly folds up fairly small to go on the bike luggage rack while the bike is being ridden.

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