I placed my Brompton order last night at my local Cycle Surgery Store and went for a Lightweight, S-Type, 2 Speed in raw lacquer finish, no rack, guards or lights, Stevilo tyres. Decided on the new Brompton saddle (I can add a Brooks later) and I added an S-Bag and slip cover.

I was able to get 10% off the price by asking them to price match the quote I had from another dealer who are signed up to a scheme with my employer. Cycle Surgery is only 3 miles from home and I’m a regular customer whereas the other Brompton dealer listed with my employer is 20 miles away. 10% is worth having and the store is still making around 500 out of me (I’ve seen the trade list prices and there is a 50% mark up).

Anyhow I’m getting excited now, bike should be here in around 6 – 8 weeks