After about 4000 miles of ruff n tuff duty as an SUV target in South Floridistan,
the rotating handlebar, 8sp shift mechanism is pretty much useless and making
smooth gear changing almost impossible. Ideally, while the stock junk JuJu stuff
in the back is somewhat operable, Id like to go straight friction shift with a lever.
Is this possible ? If I must replace the gripshift, is there a better one that will
work longer ?
Other long term observations......Bike is much better to ride with 2.00 HD
tires and a spring seat. Chainstays are different lengths thereby requiring
wackiness to center the wheel occasionally. Im going to fabricate a stop
for the left side for it. Also, I learned not to shift at bumpy intersections
or the chain will fly off, thats getting a roller guide made too........

Thanks in advance for opinions