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    Foldable HPV but not really a bike?

    Well sort of. Wheels in front and back and you have pedals and like on MTB you stand instead of sitting and you move forward and get a workout and it folds and you can take it on public transport he assure us.

    I am not good at mechanical things. How does he steer this thing?

    Student Designer
    Mr Radu Iliuta


    Product Description and Principal Function(s)
    How would bicycles have looked if the people that first designed them, hundreds of years ago, would have had access to modern materials, components, computers, ergonomic and biometric data?

    The biometric bicycle is a device that mimics the human posture and gait when running at a leisure pace. Instead of sitting on the bike, you pretty much wear the bike.

    Telescopic pedals mimic the human running pattern. Orbiting handles harness the energy of the upper body. The whole power of the human body in motion is used for locomotion, at an exchange rate of 1:4. You run four times faster.

    bigger pics at the link given above

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    It doesn't appear to be smaller or lighter than a regular folder. So what is the advantage?

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