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    Diblasi R22 reviews anyone?

    Any one any experience of the Diblasi R22 Model.

    I had a 16" version and liked the small narrow fold,quick fold less than 3 secounds,toughness of the bike.

    I dissliked the weight,internal hub brakes worked welll but limited upgrade potentials,flexy seatpost tubes.

    However this 20" version has V brakes meaning that I can upgrade the gearing easier, it will fit big apple tyres. It folds even smaller,and quicker. plus the 20" wheels should give a better ride. I could shed some weight of it by changing parts, and the seatpost looks stronger and longer.

    However at around 680-750 for the SS model it is more than I am willing to pay. I personally would prefer only of these to a Brompton for the simular price, but I would not pay Brompton prices either.

    I am getting very tempted, if a used one,or a signifcatly discounted one, came about I would certianely give it a go.

    The "instant" fold is the best on the market IMO.

    Bicycle R22 (20" Wheels) Wheels Stainless steel spokes & light alloy rims. Tyres 20" x1.75"

    Seat Height adjustable from 90 cm to 104 cm from the ground
    Standard Equipment •Folding pedals
    •Rear luggage rack with strap - max. weight capcity 10kg
    •Front and tail lights powered by dynamo
    •Quick release seat levers

    Dimensions - Open Overall length 126 cm

    Wheel base 100.5 cm
    Wheel base 91 cm

    Dimensions - Folded Length 68 cm

    Width 21 cm

    Height 64 cm

    Weight 13,4 kg, including lighting equipment, rear carrier with small wheels, stand, etc.
    Maximum rider weight - 100kg
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