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    Inexpensive - casual use - panniers

    The focus here is cheap but serviceable and for casual use only. Not for Tibetan Tours:

    As I'd mentioned in a previous post the ones sold by Citizenbike dot fit well and have some quality to 'em. Good cost vs. benefit. ( 10.5 shoes & no heel strike)

    Then ones from are good for the price. Just don't tell your bike that they are for Dogs. It'll be alright! I have the small size (unused) as my dogs wouldn't be caught dead wearing something like this. What was my thinking? Anyhow it fits well. Great price, easy to adapt to fit a folding bike with a 'regular' style rear rack , again no need for a 'touring' type of rack. ( 10.5 shoes & no heel strike)

    Any one else have some, they like, that are cheap and small?
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    Maybe try a rack pack instead. No need to worry about heelstrike anymore since it sits ontop the rack. It has a shoulder strap too. Not big but I can fit a change of clothes in it. It fastens on and off real quick with strong velcro straps. Heres the ebay linky.
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