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    Preventing Tooth Loss While Cycling With Your Folding Bike

    I'm sure that all of you reading this is wondering why in the world I am posting this in a bike forum. Please bear with with as I try to convey something that at first glance might not appear to be a very important part of cycling or even living your lives-dealing with a medical/dental emergency. It previously already happened to me while riding my folding bike with a bee sting. Now the question of dental health has cropped up in the form of an unexpected loss of a dental device during a off day (weekend).

    I lost my upper right molar tooth's cap on Sunday. I was biting into some rather soft fruit and heard a loud snapping sound. My cap came off into the rather mashed up fruit. I was able to dig it out and slip it into my bag's pocket as the bus came magically right after the incident. I am sure that if a dentist is reading this, he/she will have a good laugh at how I attempted to solve a difficult-and scary for a non-dentist- problem on a Sunday evening (and no dentist available).

    I went a little overboard when I went home. I did not do the rest of saving the tooth the proper medical way due to my own ignorance. I placed the tooth's cap into a cup of milk and placed it into the refrigerator. When I went to the dentist the next day I carried the little cap carefully wrapped in a tiny bowl within a plastic bag to prevent the milk from sloshing about. Then I placed the whole bundle within a Playmate cooler to keep it cool (in 99+F degree outside temperature). Actually I learned from my dentist later that you are supposed to take the natural tooth to the emergency room as soon as possible to reattach it into the gum's socket, not the cap. The cap is not living matter and can be reattached by a dentist later depending on various circumstances. My circumstances enabled me to keep the old cap. While it is not as strong as before, I feel I got the benefit of the doubt and came out of it as best as possible for as long as this cap stays in without getting infected.

    As a cyclist, I am now aware that there is a possibility that I can have an accident and lose one or more teeth. It should be in a cyclist's best interest to have a discussion with his/her dentist in the event this happens to him/her. It will save your teeth where inaction will guarantee a empty spot in your mouth. Please talk to your dentist about saving your teeth after an unexpected accident when you see him/her.

    Best Wishes For A Long & Safe Cycling With A Beautiful Smile,
    "Folder Fanatic"
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    Good advice, especially considering how likely it is to have a tooth busted out when riding. A dentist client of mine said if you can't get the natural tooth in milk, to just tuck it up in you check - BUT DON"T SWALLOW IT - the saliva/moisture will keep it safe while getting to the doctor/dentist.
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