I bought myself a Specialized Globe Road, which is s Dahon frame similar to the D7, but specced with 8-speed 105, suspension seatpost and slicks. I like it a lot, though coming from big wheel bikes, I find the handling a just a little, shall we say, skittish.
I know that comes with the territory, but I'm wondering if changing the bars, or their position might help a bit, or is it simply just the size of the wheel, with no getting around it?
Back from my mountainbiking days, I remember believing that that longer the stem the less responsive the steering (I seem to remember that the theory was the further from the steering tube the handlebars are, the more you have to move them to steer).
Would this be the case with my folder, where the handlebars sit atop the steerer?
I read this piece about a chap who put a stem on his D7, and said it handled more like a bigger bike.
http://greenbikemonkey.blogspot.com/.../label/DahonIn his words:
"It was a total revelation… The D7 now steers like a normal bike, it’s no longer nervous and demanding of constant attention to keep things in a straight line."
I also noticed that a few of the touring type folders seem to have stems, which makes me wonder if the stem on the tourers is for better road manners at the cost of less foldability (I imagine my folder won;t fold together cleanly with a stem).

Oh, I should mention, I had hoped to use my folder for some light touring, so day to day folding is not the highest priority.

Many thanks.