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    First impressions of the Dahon Speed TT Pro 2009

    First of all it wasn't a week ago I was posting about how I'd never buy another Dahon again because of spare parts issues, support, etc.

    That was until I saw this bike. Your mileage may vary but I think Dahon makes the best foldies and best looking foldies. I wish the back end were a little better but ....... there you have it.

    First impression. Yellow! Or rather Mango!
    Awesome paint job. Beautiful machine.

    Took the bike out last night before dark for a short "get acquainted" ride and here are some initial observations.

    The good.

    The bike is fast. It can move.
    It's very comfortable.
    The handlebars are perfect. I wish all my bikes had these handlebars.

    Shifts are smooth and fast with the Ultegra RD.

    I love the Dual Drive. I don't care what anyone thinks, I'd rather have a Dual Drive than a triple chainring up front. The fact that you can shift up or down while sitting still suits my riding style perfect. Especially here in Oki. You'll be cruising in the high gears and then get hammered by a stoplight and then it's too hard to get going again because of the gear you're in.

    The RADIUS VRO HANDLEPOST is the greatest thing ever. I love the way and the range of motion it adjusts to. My bike can go from comfort to hammer with a couple turns of a multi tool.

    Fold down is fast and the bike is light and easy to lug around. The handlebars protrude a little more than my other folding bikes. Okay, a lot more. I had a little trouble getting this one in the trunk of my car. It fit but just barely. So it's way lighter and easier to carry but occupies a little more real estate. This is a trade off I'm willing to accept.

    Couple things not good, not bad.

    First turn I took either I or the bike was skittish to make a tight turn. I live on top of a steep but short hill. I came blasting down it and the first turn I made was WAY wider than I wanted or expected. Not sure it corners like a beast yet or not. It was probably just me being uncomfortable with a new bike but this turn was WIDE! Might have been me scared to wipe out on those skinny tires. My other folders have Marathon Racers or Big Apples on them.

    The shifters on every Dahon bike I have are different. I was confused as all get out on this bike. Lots of shifting up when I wanted to shift down. I wish there were at least some standard on shifting. Are you listening Dahon?

    Sure most people have one bike and get used to them. I have so many little Dahon folders it is confusing. I'm sure I'm a small segment of the population having so many bikes.

    The seatpost doesn't have the air pump in it. I realize this bike is all about low weight and an air pump seat post adds weight but heck so does carrying an air pump big enough to do the job.

    The good news here is I have a Speed P8 black seatpost with an airpump that I replaced with a Thudbuster. I can put that seat post in if I want. I lose the Kore seat and go back to a regular seat rail but that's a small price to pay. I may go that way.

    I personally think that seat post air pump is the coolest thing ever and should be standard equip on almost all bikes.

    The bike came without pedals. Not a big deal. I have maybe 5 sets of pedals around here and an old pair of SPD's. Still for the cabbage I shelled out it shoulda came with something. Anything.

    Again this bike has those little rubber taper washers on the side of the handlebar. Dahon has a closet full of those things. Somebody please tell me where they get them from or Dahon PLEASE make them available for sale. They don't weather well and being able to change them would be nice. This is the FIFTH Dahon I've purchased. Gimme some damn spacers.

    All in all it's a great bike. Like with all bikes I need to take some time and get comfortable with it. This is by far my favorite folding bike. It's a precision machine. I think it's a classic.


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    I was bidding on an '08 TT on eBay last week (went for a bargain price in the end, but I didn't want it that much, still happy with my two...honest ), unfortunately the '09 isn't coming to the UK. The shifters are regular Shimano road ones, so if one's used to those then presumably they're OK. I have a query- I've seen an '08 in store, but I couldn't work out the usual hand positions on the bars- partly down to setup I know, but can you ride on the hoods, and how's the reach for the brifters (they seemed rather low down to me). Looking forward to reading more of your impressions..and trying not to go green with envy!
    You do manage to go in bike shops without buying one, right?
    Dahon Jetstream XP '04 with DualDrive- folding not boring. And an '07 Dahon Cadenza- rather splendid too.

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    Nice review!

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