hi all,
introduction time as this is my first post here, been reading all the folding posts with interest for quite a while.
i have lots of bikes, i have a fleet myself and with 6 kids there a always a lot of other bikes around the place, still room for at least a couple more though...

i have been bitten hard by the folding bug, inspired by Sheldon.
i have added two R20s (1 folder, 1 non-folder) and a Bridgestone Picnica to the fleet over the last few months.

have been busy in the shed with a few easy mods to the R20 folder.
removed mudguards, chainguard and rack, new 400mm seatpost with Fuji seat off a road bike, new Maxxis tyres, replaced handlebars and stem with home made riser (found a straight huffy handle bar 22.2mm with 31mm centre, cut it and sleeved it using a portion of original R20 seatpost cut and hammered down over the 31mm section, then drilled and welded. this is perfect size for the 60mm ahead set with bullhorns and brakes off an SE lager. next is sun Cr18 rims and Vbrakes.

the plans for the non folder are a bit more ambitious. more detail as it evolves.

the picnica is damn near perfect so no mods, it lives in the bedroom as too good for the shed. my wife has decided it belongs to her. we need a glass cabinet to show it off.

photos if anyone is interested of all bikes and step by step of mods will be posted as and when available.