so i got my ez pack folding bike the other day. cracked chainguard, chain needed a little help but now

its fine. chain fell off early today when i unfolded it. easy fix.
a guy that works at performance, is in one of my classes and told me that it was a sweet bike. that was cool.

i took it out for a ride in downtown sacramento today, went about 4 miles.

the saddle is good for the price (ok overall) but it tilted back unintentionally halfway through my ride.

it goes over lightrail rails, cracks, small curbs (4 in) without a problem. as soon as i took off from my car a car complimented my bike. that was cool. got some looks from others.

overall it seems to be good for the price - 159.00 usd (with s/h) from

its 20-22 lbs. pretty cool, i just want to wander around without.

yesterday i bought two old dahons for 65 each.

one is a red Hon. both have sturmey archer 3 speeds.

i think i need to get new chains for them. one handlebar stem needs something attached so i can raise it without it falling.

the blue one (dahon) needs a quick release for the handlebar stem as well.

does anyone know how much it would be to get quick release brackets for 12" tires (ez pack)

or for the dahons? also the handlebar qr part i need...