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    Downtube 8FH or Novara Buzz Fly By??

    theres a lot of features on the fly by that i like, but the 8FH has a full suspension for $399.
    who has experience with both bikes?

    is sturmey archer better than a shimano nexus?
    is Schwalbe Marathon better than Kenda?
    is velo better than biologic?

    the downtube has no kickstand or fenders
    the novara has pump in the seat post, comes with a bag, touch-up paint for $589.93

    i could always buy the seat postpump for $45 for the downtube-not sure if it will fit. my wife has a fly by and if i get the downtube then i'll see if it fits.
    i can get front and rear fenders from apex for about $20
    and downtube sells a bag for $37

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    The components are mostly better on the Dahon, but it's more expensive. However, you should really be comparing the Novara to the Downtube 8H (front suspension) because if you want fully sprung bike the Novara isn't it.

    Also, you might want to keep in mind that all bikes are really full suspension. They're not usually considered as such because they're ubiquitous, but pneumatic tires were originally designed as a suspension system and make an excellent one when used properly:

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