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    MKS superior pedals

    I got them in finally ...... its kinda neat how they work .. you need to turn the sleeve before it can be pushed in .... no more yellow plastic sleeve to prevent the un intended release ....
    this has never been a problem for me , but some folks with certain shoes had to use the plastic secure clips

    The Lambda ones look like meatcleavers ( spelling ?) I gonna try them out on one of my bikes shortly, I diodnt like them when I saw them the first time, but now I am slowly getting an open mind

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    I\m sure the yellow sleeves are an afterthought dreamt up by MKS' lawyers to stop people getting all litigous on their as$. If you use them as intended it's about as much hassle to remove the pedals as it would be to carry a pedal wrench and remove a normal pair every time you want to 'quick release' them. Yellow collars went straight in the bin when I got my SPD-style removables.

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