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    singlespeeding a downtube 8H

    Have a 2008 DT front suspension internal hub. Love the frame, hate the hub - it feels like peddling an execise bike. It occurs to me that the horizontal dropouts offer an opportunity to do something other than sell the bike - and have a fun single speed to play around with. I had a look on the forum but didn't see any posts. If anyone's done a conversion, could you tell me how hard it is and what I'd need to get the LBS to do it. I was also gong to lighten the bike up a bit with a new saddle and maybe new bar - I already got rid of the original but even the one I've got is pretty wide.

    thoughts/suggestions from those more mechanically inclined than I am?


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    Pretty easy wheelbuild. Simple 2x or 1x lacing of singlespeed rear hub (120mm spacing).

    Just make sure to use correct size cog for the gearing you want (Sheldon Brown gear calculator)
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