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    Presta Tubes - Losing Air - Culprit Found!

    I could not figure out why I was losing air in my presta tubes, then I figured it out... the valve cores had come a little loose

    - when submerged completely underwater, I could see air bubbles coming from the valves (and nowhere else on multiple tubes that had the same symptoms). At first I had not submerged the valves themselves, thinking the problem was a pinprick puncture in the tube body.

    The solution, just tighten the cores - there are flat faces/sides on the cores that let you use a suitable wrench or set of pliers to twist them.

    Figured I might post this for anyone else with the same maddening symptoms.
    These were Schwalbe 6 and 6A tubes.


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    Thanks for the post. I've had some problems with Schwalbe tubes in the past and stumbled across some Continental tubes that I run in some of my folders. I've never so much as had a flat on those tubes.

    I had three tubes in a row go recently with no visible problems whatsoever. I dropped in my Continentals without doing any other thing and no problems at all. At this point I'm convinced it was a quality control problem and not something making the tubes go flat.


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