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    Traveling to Hawaii - packing my Downtown, best strategies?

    Been a while since I've posted here!

    I've got a Downtube 8H and I'm heading to Hawaii next week to sign a lease on a rental as my wife and four pets are moving out there in the next few months. I'd like to pack my Downtube so I can ride from my hotel to my office and then I'll leave it there so it's one less thing to pack when we make the big move.

    I've seen various posts about disassembling the bike and putting in a checked bag. But I also though I could simply fold the bike, pack in a cardboard box (with some bubble wrap and packing peanuts), tape it up really well and check that on the flight.

    This is my first time traveling with the bike so I'm not too sure what my best approach is. I'm also not sure if I have a piece of luggage to fit the bike in a disassembled state.

    Can anyone ballpark what an airline is going to charge to check a box as luggage?

    I'm also taking a few hops to get there... MLB -> ATL - PHX -> HNL, so hopefully it will make it on each of the connecting flights!

    Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated, thanks!

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    Put it in a suitcase and put it through as luggage. Do a search as I remember that if you tell the airlines it is a bike they charge you for taking a bike.

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