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    Another(?) Gas Powered Folding Bike (Brompton)

    Here is a series of Youtube Videos from paul84838 on installing and using a gas powered engine on the rear of a folding bike-in this case a new Brompton.

    Engine Installation (Brompton)

    Gas Powered Brompton

    Brompton Adventure
    (Music Video)

    My New Brompton (Pre-Motor Installation, Carried Onboard A Motorcycle)

    I would think that Honda 25cc motor would be better off on a BMX bike or even a Dahon as the engine is sure to interfere with the wheel tucked under folding part & suspension system of the Brompton. It would be a major hassle to remove it all the time as the Brompton is designed to be folded all the time. I prefer the Nano Electric motor for the Brompton. Too bad it is not available in North America.

    Whichever the case may be, this video series shows how flexible folders are.
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