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    DAhon vitesse p18, Speed P8, MU SL Gears options

    Hi all!
    There are people saying that there are not so big different in gears for Speed p8 and Vitesse P18.

    low gear Vitesse P18 is better than speed P8

    but higher:
    Speed p8
    have 32" - 93"

    Vitesse P18
    have 26" - 94"

    MU SL
    31" - 91"

    Shouldn't it be a big different due to the fact that Vitesse P18 have 11-32 cassette back same as Speed P8.
    But the crankset front is 55 and 44 on Vitesse and 48 (if I remember correct) on Speed P8.

    I never using the inch on gears so I dont know how big different it is between 93" and 94"
    and MU SL have 91" but that is the fastest of this bikes says people on another forum.
    (of course tires, weight and stuff like that could make MU SL faster)

    but with the same tires on Speed p8 and vitesse or even MU SL shouldn't vitesse be alot better, looking at speed and gears ? (same here MU SL could be faster because the weight, but shouldn't be on a flat road)

    I hade a SPeed P8 before so that the only bike I can compare to.

    Is it just me or Im a totaly stupid ?
    that thinking Vitesse are "faster" than Speed p8 and even MU SL

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    This is a good question. I hope someone can give answer.

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