Bagged a ride on the TR today from Iwakuni to Hiroshima. Right around 90 km total. I'd have tacked 10 more on to call it a metric century but my time estimate for the ride sucked and I promised my bride we'd do some things today.

The ride was perfect. Overcast and wind in my face up to the Peace Park. Wind at my back all the way home.

I had it all planned perfectly. Loaded the bike like it was cool. Everything for an emergency. Plenty of money in case I broke down and had to take a train back. Took a DSLR camera to feed my other hobby of photography. In short I planned the ride and necessities very well.

Took about 2 1/2 hours to get there and I tinkered around for about an hour. Managed to get there on a sports drink however on the way back I realized I'd better find some chow or I'd bonk. Stopped at a convenience store for a sandwich and a sports drink. A few minutes up the road I found a coffee shop and filled my cup thermos up. Nothing like bike touring with a good cup of coffee.

Also hit a bike shop on the way home and lusted over some of their bikes.

Anyway here's requisite proof. Dahon snaps at the Hiroshima Peace Park and a GPS map dump from Ascent.

Great ride. I've never felt better and it was a picture perfect ride.

One last note. Most valuable accessory award goes to my Garmin Edge 705. I'd have never gotten there and back without it and everything I saw of interest to me I made a waypoint so I can find it again. Everybody should have a Garmin Edge 705 (or something like it). It was totally invaluable.