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    Astra... '70s, Made in France.... Appraisal?

    I acquired an Astra folding bicycle and was hoping to see how much it may be worth. It is in really good shape beside a little dry rott on the tires. It has the made in France sticker. I couldn't find a year made, but it was registered in Maine in '77 I believe.

    How much are these worth?
    How can I find out?


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    This is likely an old u-shaped folder. These were made by several companies. They're all the same... and very common. They were cheap back then... and they're still fairly inexpensive now. Beware anyone trying to sell one as a valuable collectible.

    I've seen them sold in the range of $50 to $200 depending on how well kept they are. I, personally, wouldn't pay more than $50 no matter the condition. Just not my style of bike... but that doesn't mean someone out there won't pay more.

    Here's a link with a picture...


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