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    2009 Dahon Cadenza 8

    I am thinking to get Dahon Cadenza 8 or Trek 7.3. I saw one used Dahon Cadenza 8 selling $400 on craigslist. It comes with Dual Disk Brake, original receipt, seatpost pump and etc. I am not sure how the performance compare to Trek. I search around and don't see any review for 2009 Dahon Cadenza 8. Please give me your feedback.

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    The only difference between the 08 and 09 seems to be the hybroforming of the downtube. The 09 has a straight one. personally I think this is an improvement, permitting more space for lock, waterbottle, shouldering etc.
    I have been using my 08 version since Aug 08 for daily commuting 2x6miles. I am very happy with it, it rolls very smoothly with nippy steering in traffic but rock solid on descents. My longest ride has been about 20miles inc some off-road and it coped OK with that.
    The Lockjaw has proved trouble free but I don't unlock it very often.
    I swapped the straight bars for On-One Mary's with a bit of sweep for comfort. The front wheel is custom built dynohub which stays on all year round. I had some issues geting a rack to fit, I settled on the Axion Odysee Disc which fits the high eyelets.

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