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    what equipment is recommended to make a 21speed downtube nova?

    recently received my nova, very happy with it. i'd like to have more options for gearing. namely, i'd like to pedal less and achieve higher speeds

    i'm pretty new to this, but i'm guessing i will need a front derailleur, gears, chain, and shifter assembly?

    has anyone added this onto a nova? if so, what equipment was used, thanks!

    also, i imagine this folder is comparable to a dahon...which model..and also are most parts compatible?
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    Check the thread "Downtube Nova - $279." It's got tons of recommendations, pictures, and ideas. If you sift through it and take your time, you'll have LOTS of good ideas, feedback and alternatives on the ideas, and links to the suggested parts. Can't beat that.

    You may get more response if you post IN that thread.

    Enjoy folding world.

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