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    Raleigh Twenty Owners

    Now that I have your attention, I could use some assistance.

    I am restoring a match pair of 1970 Coffee BrownTwenty's, both of which had the shift triggers and cables removed. I'm guessing the previous owner ran them as single speeds.
    I need to know the overall shift cable length as well as the length of the cable housing. I'd appreciate if someone could actually measure these for me. I'd also be interested in knowing the Raleigh part number for the cable/housing if anyone knows that.

    Is there a exploded drawing of the Twenty on line anywhere?

    Thanks guys.

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    You might get some info here.

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    I will check the length for you when I get a chance, hopefully someone else can help in the interim. My main Twenty is folded up in my truck behind a bunch of stuff. and the other(s) are over 1000 miles away I do know that the cable housing runs pretty much full length and is clamped on the chain stay a few inches in front of the hub. I have not seen a full blow up parts view of the Twenty but I do have a copy of the original assembly directions. It is too large to attach to the post (173KB) in a PDF, shoot me an email or PM and I will be glad to share.

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