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    IF Reach MS vs LX - Anyone know the difference

    I'm looking to get another high end folder and the IF Reach is a candidate.

    Anyone know the difference between the LX and MS models. I assume it's slight better components although I don't know components well.

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    From the web page, the only difference seems to be the shifters and derailers. The LX is much better quality. But it often is more economical to buy the lower spec'ed one (MS) and upgrade later, if you can do this work yourself and if you shop around for other shifters and derailers. We have a Reach which came with Microshift gear but I changed to LX fairly soon.

    Bikes with LX gear are often hit with quite a premium at the bike shops, a premium far in excess of the difference in parts cost.

    If you're not fussy then go for the MS. The gear works well enough for light to medium duty.
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